Sharing The Profits

Sharing profits with associates is a very profitable business model to both the business owner and the associates. Why do business owners do that? They want to grow fast and have a big business. The sharing profits business model is powerful. It allows new associates to use an up and running business model for them to start an online business.

One advantage of this business model is that the new associates don’t have to worry about creating the business. The business owner worked hard to put it together. The new associates enjoy the tools and resources necessary to run an online business.

And associate pays a monthly fee, a membership, to have access to these tools and resources. They can use these tools to run any business. But, also, these associates can sell memberships to other new members. Selling these memberships is very profitable.

Yes, we are in the business of selling memberships.

Imagine a gym sharing the profits with you if you invite your friends to get a membership. Your membership will be free with two or three friends that you invite. And if you keep inviting more friends, you will even earn money. The more friends you invite the more you get paid.

But gyms do not share the profits. If they did, they could be very big business!

Our business model has a very good INCENTIVE for anybody to invite many new members to get a membership. This business model pays very well. It rewards very generously to those who work harder. Everybody has the same opportunity to grow as big as they can.

This business model uses the 2up system. This system becomes explosive.

How does it work?

First you get your membership. By the way it is very affordable. It is the price of a large pizza. Your membership to have access to these tools and resources is only $12.00 a month. But, since you know that selling these memberships is very profitable, you can make this your main business.

As you sell memberships you will get paid $10.00 every month for each membership you sell.

Here comes the best part…

When you start selling memberships, you pass up your second and your fourth sale to your sponsor. No more pass ups after that. This is how this business model works. This is ingenious. Let me show you!

This means that your first and your third memberships you sold not only will pay you $10 every month but they will pass up to you their second and fourth sale.

Look at what happens if everybody sells ONLY four memberships in their first week in business. This is very exciting.


End of Total Members
Week 1 You keep 2 members 2 $10.00 $20.00
Week 2 You receive 4 members 6 $10.00 $60.00
Week 3 You receive 8 members 14 $10.00 $140.00
Week 4 You receive 16 members 30 $10.00 $300.00
Week 5 You receive 32 members 62 $10.00 $620.00
Week 6 You receive 64 members 126 $10.00 $1,260.00
Week 7 You receive 128 members 254 $10.00 $2,540.00
Week 8 You receive 256 members 510 T $10.00 $5,100.00


As you can see, by the end of week one, you are already in profit. But then, your 2 members will pass up 2 members each to you. This repeats with every pass up to you. They will pass up their second and fourth sale to you. Please follow the table above. The potential is that by the end of three months you could have a monthly income of $5,000.00. WOW!

This is a very powerful Pay Plan. It has the potential of creating a monthly income very fast.

What if you sponsor 4 people a week? Make it 10 people a month! You do the math. Nothing will stop you from creating a very profitable online business.

Honestly, there is no other business model as powerful as this one. None!

I chose this online business because it is very affordable. Just about anybody can have $12.00 to start. It is very easy to follow. It is very profitable. You can earn a lot of money here!


My recommendation to anybody who wants to start this exciting journey is that you need to stay with a program for a while and work at it with all your passion. This program runs on Auto-Pilot. Once you start it, it builds itself.

I offer help to my team members. I am creating a page with advertising resources. I will share it with my team members so they share these resources with their members. I really want to help many to build a monthly income like never before. You may ask for it.

Please let me know your thoughts about it.