A lot of people want to earn money online. But, many of them do not have a clue what it takes to be successful. I will share my personal experience. What I did and what I am doing to build a monthly income.

I started with a program that offered everything I needed to start right away. I went ahead and started reading about sharing my program with other entrepreneurs. It wasn’t difficult because I researched online about online marketing traffic. There are a ton of resources. What I did was to start testing which sources of leads were good. Testing is very important.

I also focused on building a list. I keep hearing that the money is on the list. I believe it is true. After comparing autoresponder services, I found an autoresponder that fits my needs. I can have 50,000 subscribers for one low price.

Watch this short video and you will see a PayPlan that is very attractive.


My recommendation to anybody who wants to start this exciting journey is that you need to stay with a program for a while and work at it with all your passion.

Before you join a program ask yourself. Why am I joining this program? What makes it so good that I am deciding to join? Once you make the decision, please stay away from other programs. Why? If you keep looking at other programs out there, you will be distracted. You need to stay focused and work the program you just joined.

What to look for in a program?

There are tons of programs out there. However, not all pay the same.

First, what do they offer to run an online business? What tools and resources will you get when you join? How difficult is it to navigate? Can you find what you need easily?

But most important, how much will you earn? Take a close look at their pay plan. You are an affiliate. You are working and you should be well compensated for what you do. The program I chose has a very generous pay plan. This compensation plan is very attractive. You can look at it for yourself here.

I chose this program for two main reasons. The Compensation Plan is very attractive and it is very complete and easy to use. It is very easy to build a monthly income with this program. Also, I wanted to start with a program that is very affordable for everybody. Yes, that is very important. My plan is to build this program and then once it goes on Auto-Pilot, I want to move on to start another program I already have selected. This plan is very effective because once you have success in your first program and it is going on Auto-Pilot, then you start a second stream of income with another bigger program.